Who We Are

Hirschi Insulation is a local, family-owned insulation contractor. We are fully licensed and insured, and we are happy and able to help with your project – no matter how big or small. Our team of experienced professionals provide the utmost quality of service and end product.

What We Do

Hirschi Insulation can fulfill whatever insulation needs you may need, including closed and open cell spray foam, fiberglass batts and blown-in fiberglass.  We specialize in fiberglass, particularly loose-fill blow for attics as well as net and blow for wall cavities and floors.

We keep up to date on all the latest methods and technologies to ensure that we can provide the air sealing and insulation that meets your specifications.  From basic foam sealing of windows and doors to various air and vapor barriers, we’ll make sure that your building is sealed and insulated the right way.

Hirschi Insulation can help insulate your building – no matter what it may be.  While we specialize in residential new construction, we work on a large range of other projects.  Whether you’re building a garage, barn, home or warehouse, we will help you find the right solution and provide a quality install.

Our services aren’t limited to new buildings either.  We work with homeowners who are changing, upgrading or finishing their current home.  Our retrofit services include attic blowing, wall drill and fill and free inspections to assess the condition of a home’s current insulation.  We’ve helped homeowners who are adding to a home, remodeling and finishing basements.

Whatever the project may be, we provide support and service throughout the process.  Our services include free bids, free inspections, and we act as a reliable contact for any questions.  We can also complete the REScheck for your build. Along with exterior insulation, we also provide sound insulation for your interior walls in fiberglass or Rockwool acoustical batts.  Whether you are still planning and budgeting, or you are ready to insulate, give us a call and we will answer any questions you have.

How We Do It

Our team of installers have the experience and knowledge to ensure a quality install every time.  We are available throughout the process to answer any questions or provide additional information wherever we can.  We know that construction can be unpredictable, so we make it a priority to keep to deadlines and allow flexibility for changes in your schedule.

Whatever you are building, it is a significant investment.  There is only one chance to get the insulation right, and we want to make sure that the result is worth the time and money you have invested.  We treat every job with the respect that the owner deserves, whether it is a construction site or climbing into the attic in your home.

Who We Do It For

Hirschi Insulation can help you with your insulation needs, no matter who you are or what you are working on.  From builders developing subdivisions, contractors small and large, custom homes, owner-builders down to DIY, we can help.  Our competitive pricing means cost control for our builders and savings for our homeowners.

We are located in South Jordan, but we service all of Utah, Salt Lake, Davis, Wasatch and Summit counties.  


If you are finishing a basement, building a garage or adding material to your attic and thinking of doing it yourself, give us a call first.  Typically, we can provide and install the material within 5% of the same cost you would pay for materials to install yourself! On a typical basement finish, that is between $50 and $100.  Our installers have years of experience to give you a quality and quick install. Call us for a free quote to see how little it will cost to keep your weekend free and avoid that itchy fiberglass!


Our services are not limited to construction.  We also help homeowners assess their current insulation.  Unfortunately, we have seen poor insulation installs in anything from brand new homes to home additions.  This can mean poor air sealing or an incomplete thermal envelope. If you find some areas of your home do not hold to the same temperature of the rest of your house, it may be your insulation to blame.  Depending on the age of your home, it may have much less insulation than today’s standards. Proper baffling and adding fiberglass to the attic can help. For older homes that don’t have any insulation in the walls, we are able to drill and fill with blown-in fiberglass.  There are several ways to make a home more efficient, improving the comfort in your home and saving on your heating and cooling bill.